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Areas of Practice

When dealing with a family law issue, it is easy to feel stressed and overwhelmed as you work to resolve your dispute. If you need assistance in resolving a family law case, contact us today and we will help you work through your situation efficiently and effectively. The Law Offices of Kim Frost helps families find a productive solution to a wide variety of situations. We will advise you on the best personalized legal strategy that is aligned with your family’s needs. Kim's focus is on assisting her clients and achieving their ultimate goals.

We specialize in all areas of family law. Ms. Frost can resolve issues pertaining to divorce and property division, common-law relationships, child custody, alimony, child support, visitation rights, paternity actions, terminating adoptions, and pre-marital agreements and termination of a parent's rights. Additionally, Ms. Frost has obtained specialized training in Gay and Lesbian Divorces.


Adoption laws in the state of Texas are designed to provide children with safe homes when their birth parents are either unable or unwilling to care for them. Additionally, a step-parent may wish to adopt their step-child and create a harmonious and legal bond for all time. Although these laws work to protect children, their legal intricacies can be confusing and even frustrating for parents undergoing the adoption process. In these situations, adoptive parents may wish to enlist the help of our law office who can handle the paperwork and legal requirements of adoption, streamlining this process so that parents can welcome their children into their homes as soon as possible.

Child Custody

Protecting the best interests of their children is the goal of all parents, but during a divorce or other difficult family legal matters, parents as well as other relatives may find themselves in disagreement when it comes to the well-being of their children. Divorce can bring up emotionally charged issues such as child custody, child support, and visitation rights, all of which can be complicated. Our law office can assist you in working through these challenging legal processes. Visitation and possession time with your child is the most important consideration in a custody order.

Child Support

When parents separate, the individual retaining primary custody of the children may be owed a certain amount of money for the child's care and well-being. This child support is a fixed figure initially determined by the courts. In the state of Texas, the courts will consult support guidelines to calculate the monetary value of child support, while taking into account factors such as the parents’ e incomes, the number of other children the custodians are responsible for and additional costs such as daycare and/or private school; however, a good lawyer will tell you that guidelines are only a starting place and each situation is unique. Ms. Frost doesn't believe in a "one size fits all" dichotomy especially when it comes to child support.


If you are facing a child support case, you want to experience legal assistance when working through this frustrating, often complicated legal process. Ms. Frost will be able to give you the legal support and confidence you need to handle your child support case.

Co-Habitation Agreement/Pre-Marital Agreements

These Agreement are contracts between two adults which can dispose of some or all of their rights, responsibilities and obligations which arise during their relationship. 

Having a well-constructed Cohabitation Agreement can help to minimize the anxiety and the severity of a dispute if a breakup occurs.

Our law office can guide you through the process of negotiating and drafting a legally binding Cohabitation Agreement.


The agreements reached during your divorce can significantly impact the rest of your life. The divorce affects your financial security and/or your ability to spend time with your children and your children's future if applicable. Therefore, without a strong divorce lawyer, you may not be adequately protecting yourself, or your future.

In a complex divorce, the use of a forensic accountant may be necessary, as might a Business Evaluator. It is essential that you seek a competent family law specialist to assist you in understanding Texas Property Law, help you in preparing for mediation, and ultimately trial.

Paternity Actions

Determining paternity is important for establishing parental rights and responsibilities in caring for children. Not only does it show who has legal and social responsibility over a child, but it also gives a law enforcement official orders to follow in carrying out the courts rulings.

When you are attempting to secure a child custody arrangement or child support agreement, it can be imperative to prove your child’s paternity beyond any doubt. Our experienced legal team can guide you through the necessary steps to determine paternity and take appropriate action regarding your rights to your child, as well as your duty to support and guide that child through their formative years.

Grandparent Intervention

In Texas, Grandparents and other family members may have custody rights and/or possession rights to their grandchildren. If you believe your grandchild or family members is neglected and/or harmed by being with their parent, make sure to enlist the help of a family law specialist to assist you in filing your Petition for Custody and/or visitation.

Our skilled team can help you navigate the legal intricacies of these common divorce issues and more. Contact us today and schedule a consultation for more information about your rights and options.

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